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Ways We Can Work Together


Individual therapy can help you better manage stresses, understand negative patterns that may interfere with personal goals, increase satisfaction from personal relationships, and better regulate thinking, emotional and behavioural responses. Sessions are collaborative, and will be guided by what you hope to achieve. We may focus on discussing past experiences, or consider how to best implement meaningful change and achieve future goals. 

Individual Therapy

Child & Adolescent Therapy


Children, Teens and Young Adults have a unique set of developmental needs that require a specialized approach. Counselling can support an increased awareness of what you may feeling, an ability to communicate those feelings and some strategies that will help you be in better control of your responses. It can provide a safe space where you don't feel alone and where you can truly be seen and heard. 


 Therapy can be helpful at any stage of a relationship, and does not mean that your relationship is in touble. Couples therapy can help improve the quality of your relationship, support new ways of communicating, and enhance emotional and physical intimacy. 

Therapy provides a safe space to discuss certain topics that may otherwise be avoided. The goal of couples counselling is to help each partner achieve a sense of safety, satisfaction, and comfort in the relationship. 

Couples Therapy


Within a family, it is possible that one member's struggles impact the rest of the family unit, or that the family unit may impact an individual member. Family therapy provides a non judgemental space that can support better communication, increased empathy and connection between family members and a reduction of family conflict. 

Family Therapy

Daurio Counselling provides evidence informed treatments for:





Chronic Illness



Disordered Eating

Domestic Violence

Interpersonal Relationships

Personality Disorders


Pregnancy, Prenatal, Post-partum




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