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ADHD Assessment

What is An 
ADHD Assessment

Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by persistent patterns of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that can significantly interfere with daily functioning and development. Individuals with ADHD may struggle with sustaining attention, organizing tasks, managing their time, following through on instructions, and controlling emotional and behavioural impulses. An ADHD assessment opens the doors to resources, accommodations, and interventions that can help manage symptoms and improve functioning in various areas of your child’s life, including academic, social, and emotional domains. ADHD can exacerbate other challenges such as learning, and a full psycho-educational assessment may be recommended based on your child’s individual needs.

Learn how to work with your brain, not against it

Give context and meaning to past challenges

Uncover your motivators, strengths, and resilience

Make informed decisions for your future

What To Expect


Initial Meeting

The parents, child, and psychologist come together to talk about what's happening now, look at past information like school reports, previous tests, and doctor's notes, and highlight the needs within the assessment.


Psychological Testing

Through parent interviews, child interviews, and questionnaires we gather comprehensive information about your child's ADHD traits and cognitive challenges. Testing is done in a single 3 hour session. 



Report Writing & Recommendations

The psychologist synthesizes test results, interview insights, and questionnaire findings into a comprehensive report. This report not only summarizes the findings but also offers recommendations for strategic school accommodations and in home-support strategies.



A feedback session will be scheduled four to six weeks after your last appointment where you will meet with our psychologists to review the results and recommendations. Together, you will discuss the best course of action moving forward.

Let's Get Started! 

Ready to book an ADHD Assessment? 

We’ll start by connecting you with our patient care coordinator for a quick phone call to answer your questions, talk about our services and help guide you through the next steps if you’re ready to move forward.

**Please note, we are only offerings ADHD assessments for children and youth ages 4-21 at this time. **

Fees for psychoeducational assessments start at $2,000.00. Our services are not covered by OHIP, but are covered by most extended health benefits. 

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